Just got my GoPro Hero5 Black, let’s see the video quality for my next fishing trip

I was using my hand phone to record all the videos during my fishing trip. Sometime the video is shaky and  the visibility is bad at night time.

I was thinking if the GoPro Action Camera for some reason:

  • I can mount it on my chest and record my fishing action.
  • I can use voice control to ask the camera to start recording.
  • GoPro camera is rugged, and waterproof.
  • Video Stabilization, not sure how good it works but definitely will help compare with recording using my hand phone.

Finally I got my GoPro Hero5 Black Today:

The bundle comes with 5 original batteries and one external charger. I brought a tripod and a chest mount with less than $40

I am going to experience the recording for my next trip to Kukup, Pontian. Not sure if I can stay a night there, otherwise I will just fishing for few hours and try out the GoPro recording using chest mount.

Very exciting hehehehe…



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