Shore Fishing at Johor Pontian New Jetty (Tambak Pontian)

There is a new jetty developed few years ago at Pontian District, Johor, Malaysia (笨珍,填海/Tambak Pontian). The jetty is quite big and cars are allowed to go in and out.

Kind of fishes you can get

I went to this jetty few years ago by a chance. According to the regular anglers there, the kind of fishes you can get here is:

  • Stingray (Pari)
  • Catfish (Duri/Belukang)
  • Puffer fish (Buntal)
  • Barramundi (Siakap)
  • Gelama
  • Senangin (伍鱼)
  • Eel Tail Catfish (Sembilang)
  • Grouper (Kerapu)


The environment here is rocky, it’s very easy to get your sinker stuck in the rock. So, you have to reel very fast to prevent from get stuck. The water is milky, however since it a bit far away from the shore, the water is not as brown as near the shore.

Watch the video:


My result

I’ve tried my luck with sea worms and dead prawns. Dead prawns almost 80% get you Puffer Fish, something Gelama. Sea worms get you Gelama and sometime Catfish.

Other anglers result

This lucky guy got Barramundi, he was using bobbers (Floats) with live prawns.

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