My First GoPro Fishing Video Recording

Got my first GoPro Fishing recording done at Kukup, Pontian. I was using 4K video quality and the wide screen captured the view of the fishing spot perfectly.

Using 4K quality

The video is a bit shaky while I was walking. I only realized that the stabilization feature will be disabled while recording using 4K quality. Maybe short of memory or processing power?

Next time I will try using 2.7K quality to record my fishing footage. Slightly lower quality but that’s the maximum quality you can have to enable video stabilization.

Video Size

Another thing you should concern is regarding the video size. An 8 minutes of 4K video will consume up to 5GB of memory. It takes about 15 minutes to transfer the 8 minutes clip from the GoPro to your hand phone.

Video Looping

Looping is a great feature for fishing, imagine you are waiting there for one hour without any fish on, why waste your memory to store one hour recording of nothing? I set the Looping into 5 minutes and after 5 minutes it will reuse the memory. Meanwhile when the fish is on, you just tab on the capture button after you have landed the fish. A 5 minutes video of the fishing footage will be saved.

Battery life

One battery can only last for 1+ hour of recording, make sure you bring a lot of spare batteries. I have 5 batteries with one external charger. Also consider to bring your power bank. You can use your power bank to charge with the external charger.

My GoPro recording:

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