Fishing trip to Mersing Kelong Ah Fatt

Kelong Ah Fatt is located at Mersing, depart from Jetty Penyabong. The price for staying a night there is RM150 per pax. Free flow of coffee and tea, sleep at bunker with mattress, complete with TV (astro), Karaok, Mahjong and pool table.

The Kelong will provide 5 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, tea-time, dinner and supper). The food is not bad, red snapper, chili crabs, nasi lemak and BBQ for supper. It’s a good place for anglers as well as family vacation.



Kelly: +6014 9881988

Address: Penyabong Jetty, Mersing, Johor, Malaysia

Live baits and Gadget Rental

You can rent fishing rod and gadgets there, they also selling live shrimps but make sure you book the shrimps when you are booking the trip.


Fishes are smart here, an empty Apollo will rarely get any bait fish, you need to put some shrimp meat on your Apollo in order to get them.

Sport Lights and Squids

There are 8 – 10 sport lights attached at the edges of the kelong. You can get some squid at night, make sure you bring your squid lure.

Watch the fishing trip video:

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