2 days 1 night Fishing Trip to Pontian Kelong Sri Pantai

There is a fishing jetty beside the main road of Pontian Besar. Contact the person in charge there to get a boat to the kelong. The price would be RM70 for staying one night at the kelong.

If you do not have a plan to stay a night at the kelong, you can also fishing at this jetty and the price would be RM7 per rod per entry. RM10 for 2 rods. Check out this post for the result of fishing at this jetty.

The kelong complete with toilet, gas and fresh water. Please prepare your own drinking water and food. You can also bring some veges and rice to cook there.


boatman “Pendek” 018-2674236

Puan Salmah 019-7100849

Waiting for the boat man at the jetty


Check out the video below you can actually spot the RM7 fishing jetty.

Arriving the kelong

For some reason I didn’t record the boarding process. The boat is small and it’s a little bit dangerous during boarding. Please beware of the wooden stair cases upon boarding as some part of the stair cases are very slippery, try to step on the dry area.

For those who can’t swim, it’s recommended to request a life jacket from the boatman.


Watch the Fishing Trip Video:



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