How to hook your bait correctly

I have seen many beginner anglers loss their fish 4 times out of 5 bites. Sometime waited for hours without any bite because the bait was gone the moment they cast their rod.

Hook size does matter but let’s assume we are using the suitable hook size base on your bait size. It’s not that the fishes are smart enough to bite by avoiding being hooked, if you have hooked your bait correctly chances are high fishes are on!

The first mistake you should avoid

While hooking your bait, the first mistake you should avoid is hiding your the hook point and barb inside the bait. The hook point and barb must be ALWAYS shown outside the bait. In the event of fish bite, you loss the golden timing for your hook to pricks the fish if you hide it inside the bait.

You can still get the fish by hiding you hook point and barb inside the bait sometime. But most of the time the fish already swallow your bait deep inside.

Watch the video below to learn more about how to hook your bait correctly:


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