Is Insta360 Go a good fit for fishing?

I already have a GoPro Hero5 Black and I have quite happy with the video quality, stabilization as well as the wide angle view while capturing the fishing footages.

However, carrying a chest mount with GoPro can be tiring for a whole day long fishing especially when you get sweaty.

When The first time I’ve heard about Insta360 I am impressed by its light weight size and stabilization. I am wondeirng if it’s a better alternative action camera for my fishing.

Check out this video for Insta360 features:

This is the conclusion after some research done on the internet:

The advantages to get a Insta360 Go For Fishing

  • Battery life – I can live with the battery life, just need to bring the charging case and recharge it. 150 – 200 short clips with 30 seconds each is more than enough.
  • Super smooth stabilisation – It seems like the motion stabilisation is greater than GoPro
  • Price – It’s less expensive compare with GoPro. You can get it for around $200
  • Light weight – If you have tried recording you fishing footage with GoPro, you know the pain.
  • Easy mounting – No more heavy chest mount, just wear a magnetic pendant will do.

The disadvantages to get a Insta360 Go For Fishing

  • Not rugged – Unlike GoPro, Insta360 Go doesn’t has protected lens, not shockproof.
  • Confuse control – the click button is on the back of the camera, the only way to click and record within 1 second is wearing the magnetic pendant and mount the camera on it, then click the entire camera.
  • Low light low quality – It’s doesn’t capture good quality video at night or low light environment.
  • Basic water resident – It’s not designed for underwater recording. I can still resist water splashes but I am very worry when it’s gonna deal with the salty sea water that almost cause every metal to rust.
  • less video quality – The exported video only have 1080p. (fair enough with that size)


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